Get a Virtual Assistant for email marketing

Where to find a Virtual Assistant for Email Marketing

I can suggest PlugTalent to hire virtual assistant for managing your email marketing tasks.

Why PlugTalent :

1. Free Up Your Time

As Small Business Owner/ Startups / Entrepreneurs you must free up your time to invest in strategy, planning, and other more important business goals.

2. Lower cost than Your In-house Staff

Surprisingly, it lost upto 70% less than your own in-house staff. Full time Dedicated Remote Resource costs $1599/Month, and Shared Remote Resource costs $499/Month.

3. On Demand, Plug & Play Remote Resource

100% flexibility : Hire when you need, use it as as you want. Zero hiring cost, zero firing cost, scale as and when required. No upfront commitment required.

4. Qualified, Intelligent & Experienced Resource

Majority of the “Remote Resources” are well qualified (Engineers/MBAs), experienced and quite intelligent to manage the work assigned.

5. Best Suited for Digital Marketing/ Customer Service / Technical Ops

Hire Remote Resource to get all your tasks done –

  • Email Marketing Tasks
  • Social Media Marketing Tasks
  • Customer Support Tasks
  • Live Chat
  • Online Ads Management Tasks
  • Reporting & Analytics Tasks