What does an effective PPC campaign look like

What does an effective PPC campaign look like?

The nuts and bolts of PPC and ADS

PPC advertising is an effective way to drive traffic to your website quickly. It is way of buying visitors to your site rather than earning them organically.

PPC campaigns have the potential of quickly getting targeted traffic to your website and it also increases your online visibility.

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Since, there is always room for improvement hence you can always improve your PPC campaigns so that it becomes more productive and profitable.

An effective PPC campaign is the one that generates a high Return On Investment (ROI).

Here are few approaches for making your PPC campaigns more effective:

  1. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those keywords that prevent your ads from being triggered for irrelevant search queries.

They exclude all the irrelevant search queries so that you can improve your Quality Score and lower your Cost per Click.

In addition to this, your cost per conversion and ad spend will decrease while causing your conversion rate to increase.

2. Write Effective Ad Copy

The text of your PPC ads plays a very important role in the success of your PPC campaigns.

Do not beat around the bush and make your ad copy as specific and relevant as possible because only then you’ll be able to target the right audience.

Avoid all the unnecessary words and include only words that add value to the your product or service.

Create compelling and attention grabbing headlines that makes you different from your competitors.

Also do not forget to highlight the USP and Call-to-Action in the headline.

3. Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions show extra information about your business.

It not only increases your visibility but also improves your CTR.

Types of Ad Extensions are:

  • Location Extension: It shows your address, phone number and a map marker to your customers. It makes your customers to reach out to you.
  • Call Extension: It provides your business phone number along with the Ad text thereby making it easy for the customers to call you.
  • App Extension: It promotes your apps across various devices like desktop, tablet and smartphones.
  • Sitelink Extension: It allows your ad to show additional links to your site below the ad copy.
  • Review Extension: It allows a third party to review your ads making your ads quite reliable and trustworthy.

4. Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling is important for making your PPC campaigns more effective.

You can sow your ads whenever a customer searches online or during the peak hours.

Your ad performs differently on different days of the week and different hours of the day. After analyzing the time and the day when your ads perform the best, you can schedule your ads accordingly.

5. Geo and Device Targeting

Geographical targeting allows your ads to appear in the locations that are chosen by you.

It helps you to focus your PPC campaigns on location that where you will find the right audience who are more likely to convert. With Geo targeting you can exclude all the irrelevant locations.

Device targeting is also becoming important these days because the most of the users are using mobile devices. By customizing your ads for different devices, you can reach out to your best customers on any device.

6. Landing Page Optimization

Landing page is a crucial element when it comes to the calculation of Quality Score.

Your Landing Page is the page where you redirect your visitors after they click on your ads.

If your landing pages are not optimized or are not in correlation with your ads, they the user is bound to have a bad user experience and will bounce back.

Reduce all types of distractions, highlight your benefits more than your features, include a compelling Call-to-Action and make sure that your landing page is responsive for all kind of devices.

Put client testimonials and social proofs in the Landing Page because they give your visitors an assurance that your company is valid and authorized.

Your landing page should be a single objective page with only one Call-to-Action.

Therefore, to avoid this make sure that your landing pages are in perfect correlation with your ads, have complete information about your product/service and includes a noticeable Call-to-Action.

You can use Unbounce and Leadpages to build conversion oriented landing pages for your PPC campaigns.

Furthermore, do not just get settled with a single landing page. Remember to consistently test the different landing pages. You can use vwo or optimizely to A/B test your landing pages.

Effective PPC campaigns are a result of continuous and consistent research and betterment. Make a habit of constantly testing the elements and never stop improving.